0003 - Yum. Tacos.

Apropos of nothing, I like breakfast tacos. I honestly can’t think of one person I know that doesn’t like breakfast tacos, so it’s probably not surprising that I do. Chances are good you like breakfast tacos. You just may not know it yet.

It also happens that I have been training myself to make breakfast tacos. It started with humble beginnings: a tortilla and a fried egg. I still go back to this one when I run out everthing else. I like the egg over-easy, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed will not touch it unless it’s overhard. I got two tacos that day, but I had to make a third one to her liking.

My arsenal of taco makings has grown over time; onions of course, red peppers, green onions and peppers, left over salsa or pico de gallo, diced french fries or home-style potatos, left over brisket or smoked turkey (never chicken), bacon, and avacados. You might have caught a theme here, I use left-overs freely in my tacos.

Here are a couple photos I took this morning while prepping tacos for myself and SWMBO.

L to R: Mushrooms, Diced Red Peppers, Yellow Onion, Sweet Turkey Sausage

That is a 10-inch chef’s knife, for scale. I have stopped measuring stuff. There is a handful of mushrooms, a quarter of a red pepper, maybe a quarter of a big yellow onion and a hand-full of crumbled turkey sausage. That was plenty for two eight inch tortillas after adding two eggs.

Here’s everything getting happy in a non-stick pan on high heat. I threw that whole mess into the hot pan after heating up the tortillas. I prefer flour tortillas but for every one flour you can have two corn if you are counting carbohydrates. When sautéing, I usually plunk it down in a dry hot pan and let it sit while I’m getting other stuff ready or putting away ingredients I’m done with.

When I can start to smell the onions, I drizzle a little olive oil over everything and give it a little mix and mound it up on the sides like the photo. I use the room on right side of the pan to scramble the eggs.

Oh look, avacados were 98 cents at H-E-B this weekend. Most of them were horrifically squishy, like “MAKE GUACAMOLE NOW” squishy. But I managed to find a couple that were pleasantly firm. How do I pick avacados? Mostly by firmness. I’ve tried the “pick the stem off” strategy but firmness has been a more consistent guide for me.

After slicing up a half of an avacado, I slapped them in the pan with everything else before scrambing the eggs. I let them brown a little and then flipped them with tongs.

I got busy scrambling so I forgot to take pictures of the avacados and the eggs in the pan. I did remember to take a picture after I plated.

Quick, easy and probably not horrible for you: tacos desayuno de mío.

Do you like breakfast tacos now?

0002 - Some Details

I’m Erik and I’m going to talk about stuff here that I need to get out of my head. Could be technical stuff, could be other stuff. Just whatever.

Shout outs to TinyPress and GitHub for providing the software and hosting infrastructure. I am a big fan of git and GitHub and it’s a charge to use it as a blogging platform.

The fonts are Source Serif Pro and Source Code Pro, open source fonts created by Adobe. I really love this family of fonts.

Ah yes, I see some hands raised out there. I will now take some questions:


It sounded cool when I first registered the name in the late 90s.


It’s a weird contraction of “Johnny Johnny”, a character from a book that was very influential for me as a young adult. I started using it as a login identifier in the early ninties I guess and it’s relatively unique.

Who Are You And Why Should We Care

Me? I’m a twenty+ year veteran of the computer industry, I’m a father of pre-teen kids, I’m a geek and I’m a dreamer. That should answer the first part, the second part remains to be seen I suppose.

More questions? Send me mail and I’ll answer as best as I can.

0001 - Hello World


Husband, father, gamer, storyteller, budding guitarist, hoplophile, space enthusiast, scuba diver, ham, RC neophyte, sci-fi fan, no-talent cartoonist, UNIX guru and seriously grouchy in the morning before the first cup of coffee.

I might talk about that.. or something else entirely.